Guest Speech

The Deshpande Foundation has arranged Important guest speeches of Guru raj Deshpande and Jayashree Deshpande. I felt very happy and proud to  attended their guest speeches. In this speech they talk about    skills,qualities and opportunities of the social Entrepreneur. I like their simple life style. They shared what they are faced challenges in their life. Those words are impressed me lot. This is one of the important activity done in fellowship program cohort-3.


Pre Training

The 45 days pre training was held by the Deshpande Foundation. I have successfully completed pre training in Deshpande foundation. In this training I learn t English communication skills and different type of new technical skills in English and Technology module. This pre training is foundation for the 6 months fellowship program. This pre training make me to little perfect in English and technology. It is removes the biases of using English and technology.

Wel come cohort-4

dog_facing_Iraqi_prisoner-prison_abuse_442x345Two suspects are arrested by the police.the police have insufficient evidence for a conviction,and,having separated both prisoners,visit each of them to offer the same deal.if one testfiles for the prosecution against the other and the other remains silent,the betayer goes free and the silent accompile recieves the full 10 year sentence. If both remains silent ,both prisoners are sentenced to only six months in jail for a minor charge. If each betrays the other,each recieves a five year sentence. Each prisoner must choose to betray the other or to remain silent. Each one is assured that the other would not know about the betrayal before the end of the investigation.how should be prisoner act?


Learning is continuous process. Every day we are learning  new things from  different methods.Every day I learn from attending class, listening words of elders and friends,observing new things etc. Yesterday i learn t from teaching means Our English module Instructor assigned me to give presentation on topic of Determiners, Articles, Quantifiers, Pronounces. This is very difficult to me ,because I am not yet perfect in grammar. I took this assignment as a challenge and prepared presentation with the help of Instructor,Internet and my friends. It helps me to understand  topic briefly, and gave presentation  in class. This experience made me to learn from teaching.

Motivation means it makes someone act in aparticular way. Motivation help us to do specific activities. We seen  people are facing different type of  problems in their day today life. For solving their problems some time they take wrong decissions,so avoide these problems we have to motivate people. Motivation makes us to take right decission in right time. I am always motivate my mother,sister and friends to lead better life,becouse they are always try to live with problems. My motivation sppech is help them to come out from their problems. We are always motivating by the greatest persons words like  Mahatma Gandhi,Swamy Vivekanand and Mother Theresa. I am motivating by best friends words.In my life I will not forget them, becouse my friends make me to take right decission in conflict situations.


About Elivator Pitch

Elivator Pitch is one of the Important presentation skill  of English Module. This method is improve the presentation skills,improve stage courage,vocabulary power,time management etc. This elivator pitch is help to collect the information in short time. The english module Instructor is helping us to prepare these type of pitches. We arre preparing this type speech in one minute. This speech is help to collect Information regarding different issues of society.